JAMES FYFE is a practising journalist and part-time philosophy student interested in both the physical and historical world in which we live and the abstract, metaphysical principles that guide it. After having spent time living and photographing in Colombia, Japan, and Denmark, James is particularly attracted to the themes of place, displacement, conflict and nothingness.

Please visit  www.jamesfyfe.com to see James' personal website.

LESLIE LEUNG is a Hong Kong-born graphic designer who grew up in Gisborne. He has also spent a number of years living in Tokyo where he explored his interest in the construction and deconstruction of what he sees around him. He is fascinated by the narrative possibilities offered by visual languages and ultimately aims to generate conversations centred around creative concepts that may have been lost through time. 

"This project will allow me to discover a language that will help me to explore my own unconsciousness through art, theory and