Photography Exhibition / 30 May - 3 June, 2015/ Yes Collective      
Auckland, New Zealand

In this collection of photos by James Fyfe and Leslie Leung the world is seen as both startlingly real and beautifully surreal. Featuring photos taken over almost a decade, Un/found weaves together the haunted stares of war refugees, stark and distant landscapes and colourful urban compositions. For a more in-depth look at how we made this exhibition happen click here.

Why un/found?


       More than a year ago when we started this project, we figured that by combining our diverse perspectives and influences we would end up with a solid proposal which would seamlessly merge all our photographic ideas and give us a coherent exhibition theme ready to be let loose into the Auckland artistic arena.

We were wrong.

Instead, after what seemed like an eternity of nothing but bouncing ideas off each other and exchanging creative influences we decided to give ourselves a deadline of late May for the exhibition, to tie in with the Auckland Festival of Photography. 

Yet as submission deadlines approached our transition from abstract idea to concrete application remained elusive; our long-gestating project was still nameless and without a fixed theme.

So there we were, cursing our lack of preparation (yet knowing full well more time wouldn't actually change a thing) when it dawned on us.

What we thought we wanted didn’t exist.

The whole reason we started this project was not to merely show our photos to others, but to inspire ourselves to take more photos, to continue to push ourselves to see the world in a different way while simultaneously sharing our vision with others.

Our so-called goal was no more than an illusion, a mirage glimmering in the distance only to turn into a smokescreen if and when we ever reached it. The reason we hadn't found what we were searching for was because there was nothing to find.

The process of looking, of searching, that was all there was.

There was nothing to be found. It could only be unfound.  

un/found, unfinished, constantly in motion.

                                                 ever-changing, ever-expanding and ever-disappearing.

That's photography.
         or at least it is to us.