Behind the scenes


Un/found was a long journey in the making that culminated over a year of ideas being bounced back and forth. The project only became a reality when we decided to have a shared photo exhibition and enter into the Auckland Festival of Photography. Planning included budgeting, exhibition dates and the securing of a venue. Below is a brief description of the process we went through.

Coffees and computers


The first stage was creating a central hub where we could share our ideas and keep people informed and thus began many hours slaving over our computers at various cafes creating a working website and on April 8 we went live.

After the site was launched we concentrated on marketing our Kickstarter funding campaign. Research suggested that a video was going to make our campaign that much more successful so we headed outdoors collecting footage. 

Moving frames


The funding video took a little longer than we had anticipated and since neither of us are experts in making videos we decided to keep it simple. We experimented a bit with different shots and edits for about two weeks.

The hard work paid off and we had an end product that we were very proud of. Click on the video and see for yourself.

Festival Programming


After the Festival programme was released reality began sinking in and we got nervous and excited.

Kicking it


Our Kickstarter campaign was launched on May 7 and ran for 24 days, by the third day (much to our surprise) we had reached 51% of our target. Big massive shout out to those that contributed!

Spatial as


We teamed up with Alejandra (James' other half) to help us model the exhibition space in CAD so that we could get a better understanding of how we were going to hang and display our frames. We came up with a few concepts but opted for the one you see in the render where frames are suspended from the existing rafters.



We went through and checked all our scans making sure that they were perfect. Those that weren't we rescanned and digitally edited.

The frames we purchased arrived a week later and they were processed immediately. Holes were drilled and hooks attached and the final prints carefully fixed.



The opening night was a fun night for us and it was great to hear so many good comments. We had nearly 100 people come though during a 4 hour period. Was also, great to see the festival organisers and some of their guest speakers attending.